Kids, put away your papier-mâché volcanoes and potato clocks; we have have a real challenge for you. The Drones for Good challenge, to be precise.

Here’s what you’ll need to do: think about a problem you, your community or the world faces and how a drone can be used to solve it. Then, the tricky part, you’ll need to create a working drone to solve the problem (don’t be daunted by that prospect – we’ve posted some helpful links at the end of the story).

With that in place, create a video containing an explanation of your solution accompanied with a technical document showing how your drone was built.

Here’s the small print: you need to be a student in grades four to 12, and you can’t just buy a completed drone. The whole point here is to make your own and learn while you do it.

The competition opens today (May 23rd 2015) and will close on 15th September 2016.

After the closing date finalists will be chosen to participate in the Drone Festival.

We’ve been told by organisers Think Ahead Education Solutions that the prizes for the contest are still being finalised, and we’ll update the story when we have that information.

If you have any questions at all, email the organisers at [email protected] .

Resources for making your own Drones for Good:

Now start building!