Oh Steam Greenlight! You’re the gift that keeps on giving.

You’ve given us games based on the Anglo-Zulu War, “the floor is lava” and even homelessness. And you have birthed West of Loathing or, as we call it, stick figures in the Wild West.

We’d like to give the floor to developers Asymmetric to explain what exactly we’re talking about here.

West of Loathing is a sprawling, stick figure role-playing game set in the Wild West. It’s kind of like Skyrim, but with big hats and canned beans instead of glass armor and cheese wheels.

But it’s even deeper than that. This game acts as a standalone to the “Loathing Universe” spun by Asymmetric’s MMORPG The Kingdom Of Loathing.

Watching the trailer below, the game seems to be open world with tile-based combat.

If you can get past the rather remedial art style, West of Loathing looks interesting. The Wild West is always a great setting for a game. But then again, maybe we’re just excited for The Dark Tower movie, which was described by Stephen King as a mix between Lord of the Rings and old Western movies.

But this counts for very little until we get our hands on it, and we’re working on getting into the alpha demo. If we achieve this, we’ll let you know.

If you already like the game, however, you’ll need to vote for it on Steam Greenlight so it can meets its “early 2017” release date.

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