It looks like the SABC is exacting revenge on the DA for the jabs it’s been throwing over its alleged million-rand choir and shady SABC COO, if the party’s latest report is to be believed.

According to DA spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme, the public broadcaster does not want to air the ad it has created as part of its campaign strategy in run up to the Municipal Elections scheduled for August.

“The SABC informed the DA that it has no available slots for political advertisements at this time due to delays in the IEC’s work with respect to the elections. This is nothing but a poor excuse by the SABC in order to censor the DA’s political advertisement as has become standard during election time,” van Damme said on the party’s blog.

You may recall that back in 2014, before the National Elections, the national broadcast first aired then stopped ads by the DA and EFF on any of their channels, for various reasons given.

In the DA’s case, the matter was even taken court over censorship claims. The SABC was then forced to re-air the ad.

“The commencement of the election period [as of 23rd May] and the right of political parties to air their advertisments has been acknowledged by all other television and radio stations, the DA’s advertisments will begin airing tomorrow. The SABC is the only broadcaster that refuses to air the DA’s adverts,” said van Damme.

van Damme said the DA will lodge a formal complaint with Icasa to thwart what it calls the SABC’s “attempt to abuse its power by attempting to censor the DA and protect the ANC from criticism”.

“South Africans will see through this thinly veiled ploy not to show the DA’s offer, which hinges on stopping corruption, creates jobs and delivering better services for all,” she concluded.

You can watch the DA’s Municipal Elections ad below.

[Source – DA]