Today seems to be the day of videogames coming to life. First we covered a physical version of Pong, and now here’s a drone made to look and act like a City Scanner from Half-Life 2.

Like much of the Half-life series, the City Scanner is iconic for following the player around, blinding them with flash photography and generally making you feel uncomfortable. Sort of like paparazzi, but slightly less creepy.

Something to note when watching the video: apparently there’s no special effects or post-processing going on here. That would mean the creator is both a talented drone maker and a skilled videographer. Good on them.

The creator posted some of the build’s details online. To save you reading the (admittedly hilarious) Google translation from the native Russian, here’re the specs: the drone can fly for around 11 minutes on a charge powering the brush-less quadrocopter motors and the movable mandibles and flash. It measures at around 80 centimeters long and 55 centimeters high.

If you want to see and learn a bit more about the drone, there’s a “behind the scenes” video on the creator’s channel. Unfortunately, it’s entirely in Russian. Even if you don’t understand the language, there are some nice shots of the build included.

If you want to see other drones masquerading as your favourite franchises, check out a Star Wars dogfight done entirely with some custom drones.

To end off the story we have something special for you: Half-Life: 3 official screenshots!