Last month the Constitutional Court ruled that the creator of “Please Call Me” was indeed Kenneth Nkosana Makate, and that Vodacom was to negotiate reasonable compensation in good faith within 30 days of the judgment being handed down.

According to a report by ITWeb, the negotiations have now begun.

“We are committed to a swift resolution in line with the ruling of the Constitutional Court,” Vodacom spokesperson, Byron Kennedy told ITWeb.

Back in 2000, Makate pitched the idea of the Please Call Me to former director of product development and management, Phillip Geissler.

As outlined in the Constitutional Court ruling, “the applicant [Makate] and Mr Geissler negotiated and agreed that Vodacom would use the applicant’s idea to develop a new product which would be put on trial for commercial viability. If the product was successful, then the applicant would be paid a share in the revenue generated by it.”

This share, according to Makate and Geissler’s original aggreement, would be 15% of all revenue generated by the Please Call Me service. Makate’s legal council argued that this would amount to approximately R10.5 billion.

Whether that is the amount that Makate will walk away with is unclear. The Vodacom spokesperson has said that all Vodacom is concerned with at the moment, “is on complying with the order of the Constitutional Court‚ which requires us to negotiate in good faith with Mr Makate.”

[Via – ITWeb]