The SABC has accused the DA of trying to get publicity after the party claimed that the public broadcaster had refused to air its Municipal Elections ad as a way to censor it.

“We have rejected this story because we believe that it’s the DA’s way of trying to get publicity,” SABC spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago said, speaking on air during an interview on eNCA.

Kganyago said the SABC had indicated to the party that it is waiting for a final list of all parties contesting the elections from Icasa before it airs any ad for any party, adding that this has always been the process followed for airing election ads.

“The way they [DA] are projecting it, it’s giving an impression like we’re giving access to other people [parties] and not them [sic],”¬†he said. “From where we’re sitting we’ve not given access to any political party at this present moment until we get that list.”

“They are paying for the advert and we need the revenue, therefore from our side, we want the money but we need to follow the process we have always followed in the other elections we have done,” he added.

The SABC has stated it will air all party ads submitted to it.

At the time of announcing the alleged ban, the DA had said it will be lodging a formal complaint with Icasa.

[Source РeNCA ]