Recently some family returned from a trip to Thailand and brought me a rather neat present: a wooden puzzle box. These hand-crafted puzzles can hide away your valuables and can only be retrieved by delicately moving and turning elements of the puzzle to undo a clever series of locks.  Theses boxes are so finely detailed and created with such tight tolerances that I didn’t think a similar puzzle could be 3D printed.

Of course, I was wrong.

I came across this odd little YouTube channel which has been detailing the build and evolution of an “Articulated Cube”, which works on the same principles of the puzzle boxes. Check it out in action:

Not only is the design of the puzzle astounding, but that is one ridiculously well-detailed print.

The video description states that this 75mm cube is modular, which you see demonstrated at the 1:57 mark. The design was made inside of SketchUp Make and printed in polyamide with the i.materialise printing service.

Details on this puzzle and what went into it are just about nonexistent right now, but it is great to see something 3D printed done so very right. We hope the designer puts the files online for us to make our own… and we’ll have to beg, borrow or steal a printer that could make us a decent copy.