Map Monday: The links between Hollywood directors and famous actors they love casting

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Ask any Hollywood movie fanatic and they’ll tell you a director worth his or her salt always has one or a few go-to actors and actresses they like casting in some of their films.

For example, Spike Lee and Denzel Washington have made a powerful combination more than once in movies such as “Malcolm X” and “Mo Better Blues”.

Francis Ford Coppola also has a nose for casting stellar actors in good movies, like Al Pacino in all three The Godfather movies and Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe have made magic in Gladiator and American Gangster.

The New York Times has created a cool map illustrating the links between Hollywood’s most famous directors and actors they’ve cast in four of more their movies dating as far back as the 60s to 2013..

Screenshot (143)

You can see the full map on the New York Times website.

[Source – New York Times, image – YouTube]



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