Twitter goes dark by testing a night-mode

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Don’t you just hate it when you are browsing through Twitter late at night and the glare of the white background hits you in the face? Well, it turns out that you are definitely not alone.

It seems that some of the higher-ups at the microblogging site also had the same issue, which is why the company is apparently testing a new night-mode to take the strain off of your eyes when the sun goes down.

According to Taylor Wimberly, who works at Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, he spotted the night-mode in Twitter’s latest Alpha release. As any self-respecting techie would do, he promptly took a screenshot of the darkened app for the internet to ogle over.


According to 9to5google, the night-mode has been in testing since last month.

“The night mode shown here is active on top of the Material redesign of the Twitter app. Spotted last month, the app makes use of tabs for the Timeline, Moments, Notifications, and Messages. Some variants have a hamburger slide out, while others use a three dot overflow menu to access the profile and other settings. The app also returns to using a FAB to compose a new tweet,” it wrote.

It added that Twitter is yet to announce the Material redesign for Android devices that some users have been seeing.

Since the feature is in Alpha/Beta testing, it could still be a while before the Average Joe will be able to use it. There might be a couple of changes that it wants to make, but for now, it seems that the night-mode is activated depending on the time of day.

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

Charlie started his professional life as a motoring journalist for a community newspaper in Mpumalanga, Charlie explored different journalistic angles since his entry into the fast-paced world of publishing in 2006. While fostering a passion for the arts, Charlie developed a love for technology – both which allowed him to serve as Entertainment and Technology Editor for an online publication. Charlie has since been heavily involved in consumer technology for various websites and publications. He thoroughly enjoys World War II films and cerebral documentaries; aviation; photography and indie music. Oh yes, and he also has a rather strange obsession with collecting coffee mugs from his travels.