Vox Telecom has announced it’s increasing data allocation across its DSL Fat Pipe packages by up to 30%.

While it may seem a charitable move from Vox, the reality is that the increase in data allocation comes as a result of Openserve (Telkom’s wholesale entity) reducing the cost of some services by up to 60% early last month.

“We want to ensure that our customers feel the benefit of the prices coming down,”, Executive head of Carrier and Connectivity at Vox Telecom, Shane Chorley said in a press statement.

“There is no reason for customers not to feel the positive impact of reduced IPC pricing,” said Chorley.

DSL Fat Pipe subscribers don’t have to wait at all for the increases because they come into effect from today.

Product Current Fat Pipe Data (GB) New Fat Pipe Data (GB)
ADSL Fat Pipe 75GB 75 100
ADSL Fat Pipe 100GB 100 150
ADSL Fat Pipe 150GB 150 200
ADSL Fat Pipe 200GB 200 275
ADSL Fat Pipe 250GB 250 325
ADSL Fat Pipe 300GB 300 400
ADSL Fat Pipe 400GB 400 500
ADSL Fat Pipe 500GB 500 650
ADSL Fat Pipe 750GB 750 1000
ADSL Fat Pipe 1TB 1000 1300

Existing subscribers should notice the change from today and new subscribers can visit the Vox Telecom website to view pricing for these new and bigger data packages.

[Source – Vox Telecom]
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