Halo 5 and its Forge have brought us some great creations in the past. We very recently saw Pokémon inside in the game, and now the modding has moved to Star Wars.

The map, created by a user called “CaptainDireWolf”, is a corruption of the Banshee spacefight mode. CaptainDireWolf used the game’s “vehicle welding glitch” which allows objects to be attached to vehicles.

In this case, those objects were attached to make vehicles look like X-Wings, TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers.

The mode is a team deathmatch (6 V 6, Rebels V Empire) where each team needs to wipe out the other. This is accomplished thanks to barrel objects attached to the Banshees. Players can destroy the barrels, causing an explosions and wiping out the opposing player, or simply shoot the Banshee hidden inside of the spacecraft.

While there are some problems (such as the vehicles coming apart at the seams or being shot into the depths of space by a collision glitch) this is still really impressive and gives you a way to play with the iconic vehicles without buying Star Wars Battlefront, all you need is Halo 5 and an internet connection to download the map.

Speaking of Battlefront, if you’re dissapointed by not only that games vehicles, but everything else too, we suggest you check out this story on XCOM 2, which happens to be the best Star Wars game we’ve played in a while. It’s not as crazy as it seems, we promise.


Play it yourself: