The E3 Videogame Expo is less than a week away and already a whole host of revelations and rumours have started to dominate the tech and games media.

The likes of Watch Dogs 2, Injustice 2 and a remaster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have already been leaked. Heavyweights such as FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, Call Of Duty: Infinite War, Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda have already been confirmed. There may even be a couple of new consoles announced – Nintendo, Sony, we’re looking at you.

So we know, roughly what we’re going to get this year at E3. But what we’re more interested in is news on games that hasn’t leaked yet. Sure it’s impossible to know what we’ll see in that regard, but if we could demand – nay, dictate – our wishlist to the games industry for this year’s E3, it would probably look something like this:

A sequel to Red Dead Redemption

The calls for a sequel to Rockstar’s superb open-world Wild West adventure have been pretty voluminous since Red Dead Redemption wowed players back in 2010. Guardedly praised ahead of its release, Red Dead Redemption succeeded where loads of other Rockstar titles such as Max Payne 3, Manhunt 2 and L.A. Noire had failed in that it was one of the few games released by the publisher outside the GTA franchise that turned into a pretty impressive money-spinner. Since the audience was clearly there, where was the sequel?

Red Dead 2's In-Game Map

Earlier this year, an in-game map of what was purported to be a sequel to Red Dead Redemption was leaked online on NeoGaf. It was quickly yanked offline, but not before countless players had copied the image and started posting it on other sites around the web. While Rockstar refused to comment, TechRadar reported that a source close to the game had confirmed the map was genuine. Said source also stated the new game was to be a prequel to the events of Red Dead Redemption. It’s probably too much to assume we’ll see anything at E3 about the game – Rockstar is pretty Rasputin-like when it comes to the flow of information – but we can live in hope.

The resurrection of Prey 2

Pre 2 was one of the the belles of the E3 2011 ball and if you cast an eye at the demo clip below, it’s easy to see why. The sequel to Human Head’s outlandish alien abduction adventure from 2006, Prey 2 marked something of a sea change for the franchise. Instead of following the story of a native American trying to escape from an alien ship, Human Head were set to plonk players into the boots of a cop-turned-bounty hunter chasing down perps in a cyberpunk city on an alien planet. The mechanics involved parkour, jet-pack gliding, visceral run-and-gun battles and handy gadgets such as a portable prison with which players could ensnare their… er, prey.

It was quite heartbreaking to hear that over the next couple of years, Prey 2 went through what, by all accounts, sounded like a tumultuous development cycle. In 2014 its publisher Bethesda announced its cancellation. So imagine the surprise when Eurogamer reported that, along with sequels to The Evil Within and Wolfenstein, Bethesda has plans to announce that Prey 2 is back in development at this year’s E3. We’re hoping this is true; the prospect of playing Boba Fett in Blade Runner is just too mouthwatering not to hope for.

A release date for The Last Guardian

It’s been nearly seven sodding years since Sony announced The Last Guardian, one of the big reveals of its 2009 E3 keynote. Think about that for a second; this means that the platform this game was supposed to have been a flagship IP on is now last gen and the team that’s (presumably) working on it has to bring it over to the PS4 with all the requisite bells and whistles.

In the years since its announcement, not much was heard abut The Last Guardian, and the tidbits that did emerge suggested that it was stuck in development hell; multiple studios were involved, the project lead quit and numerous staff members moved on to other titles. The flame of hope was reignited last year when The Last Guardian played a central role at Sony’s keynote and the platform holder announced it would be out this year. Yeah, right! We’ve been here before. Come on Sony, give us a day and a date and we’ll believe you. Maybe.

Something other than a piece of concept art from Cyberpunk 2077

If you could point to one publisher we at hold in unreserved regard it would be CD Projekt Red. The Polish developer behind The Witcher series has produced games that have not only been immense fun to play, in the case of the The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt it managed to redefine open-world storytelling. The word ‘epic’ doesn’t do justice to the sprawling worlds CD Projekt Red has produced.

The developer’s next project, Cyberpunk 2077, has us in something of a frenzy. Based on the tabletop game from the early 90s by Mike Pondsmith, Cyberpunk 2077 is set in a dark future where cybernetic enhancements, corporate espionage and ultra violence are the orders of the day. Imagine Deus Ex except darker (if you can fathom it). However, we’ve not seen much apart from the above teaser and a couple of piece of concept art. We know it’s been busy with The Witcher, but if CD Projeckt Red could reveal something about this game, it might just make our month.

Anything at all about Agent

“Agent?” we hear you ask. Yeah, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about this one. Cast your mind back to 2007 – yes, nearly a decade ago – and you may remember Jack Tretton, the then-Sony CEO of SCEA, smugly announcing that PS3 owners would be a getting an exclusive on the console courtesy of Rockstar Games. The game in question was a stealth action adventure set during the Cold war called ‘Agent’. Tretton didn’t have any footage to show the keynote’s audience, but the game’s logo looked lovely.

Agent E3 Logo

Good job too, because that logo is all Sony fanboys and girls have had to go on for the last nine years. Well, that and a couple of ropy-looking screenshots. As is the case with The Last Guardian, the development cycle for Agent has outlasted the lifespan of the console it was originally planned for. Unlike The Last Guardian, however, there’s been no footage seen of Agent, no gameplay, no release – just the aforementioned screenshots and the logo. At the time of this writing, no one knows if the game is still in development, but heck, we’d like to know either way.

Half-Life 3

Yeah. Like that’s ever going to happen.


[Image – Reddit]