As good as Mark Zuckerberg is in creating a revolutionary social network, he’s reportedly as terrible at setting up a secure online password as most of the rest of the world.

According to reports, Facebook’s CEO had his Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn accounts hacked by an infamous hacking group called, OurMine Team, who allegedly took over both accounts for a short while and exposed Zuckerberg’s supposed weak password creating skills.

Zuckerberg hasn’t sent a single tweet in over four years, so many found it strange when he all of a sudden resurfaced on the platform and quickly realised he may have been hacked.

OurMine said they’d gotten his Twitter password, which is dadada (weird!), from a recent leak of millions of LinkedIn user passwords. 

The team also claimed to have hacked his Instagram account, but that came out to be false.

The hacks didn’t last long however as all was restored back to normal within a few hours.

Hey Mark, you may want to read up on our guide to setting up a stronger password.

[Source – VentureBeat, image – CC Wikmedia Commons]