It’s been a while since we’ve written up a story on a new Humble Bundle, but we feel this latest one – chosen by the people who bring you Humble Bundle – is worth the punt.

First of all, we must commend the team for including the locally made Viscera Cleanup Detail.

If you’ve never played this game, think about this: who cleans up all the blood and guts you leave over when you go on a rampage in a first person shooter? Well now you can! Armed with a mop and a bucket you try and turn various locales from bloodbaths to spotless.

The other games in the bundle also lean towards this indie appeal, so make sure to give the rest of them a look.

Another oddity here is a plush pig toy (adorably named Hamble) which you get at the highest tier. At $40 (R596.74), it’s really pricey and you could probably buy a real pig (or a lot of delicious bacon) for the same price. Luckily, shipping charges are included.

Also included in the bundle, at any tier, is a coupon for 10% off of Humble Monthly for new subscribers. This can also be chained with the fact that signing up to that service also gives you 10% off all purchases on the Humbler Store. Look, mom, I’m finally saving money like you’ve been telling me to.

What’s in the bundle:

  • Tier 1 – Pay $1 (R14.92 ) or more:
    • 1001 Spikes
    • Absolute Dri(t
    • Snakebird
  • Tier 2 – Pay $5.99 (R89.36) or more:
    • Hand of Fate
    • Deathtrap
  • Tier 3 – Pay $10 (R149.18) or more:
    • Viscera Cleanup Detail
      • +House of Horror DLC
    • Craft the World
  • Tier 4 – Pay $40 (R596.74) or more:
    • Pig plushie (Price includes worldwide shipping)

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