If you’re one of the many players currently enjoying Blizard’s superb MOBA/FPS hybrid Overwatch and you fancy testing your mettle against the nation’s best, you’re in luck.

Orena has partnered up with SteelSeries, Megarom and Blizzard to launch the Overwatch Seasonal Ladder, a local esports tournament with a prize pool of R30 000. If you and your mates fancy yourselves as something of a four-person killing machine, some of that money could be yours.

The Overwatch Seasonal Ladder is divided into three seasons and each offer a R10 000 prize pool that includes PC and PS4 players. They’re scheduled to take place as follows:

  • Season 1: Begins June 13th and ends on August 1st [PC]
  • Season 2: Begins August 8th and ends on October 3rd [PS4]
  • Season 3: Begins October 10th and ends on December 5th [PC]

Teams can enter whenever if they like during a season, but Orena has advised players to register early to ensure they do so in time to guarantee their spot.

All ladder matches will be fought out on a best-of-three basis, and all heroes and maps will be available. Orena says the matches will be broadcast on its official Twitch channel on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will be shoutcasted by Kyle “Congo” Wolmarans and Lutz “crazymonkey” Ngqkakaza.

“After a full season of ladder matches have passed, the top four teams will enter into a Single Elimination Battle Royale to determine the season’s winners,” Orena said in a statement. “This single elimination ‘mini-cup’ will take place on the last Sunday of every season!”

If you and your mates think you have what it takes to secure bragging rights in this tournament, why not head over to Orena’s page and sign up?

Well? What are you waiting for? The world needs heroes, after all…