M-Net has announced it will be reducing the number of movie channels available on DStv from nine to seven.

Viewers on Premium will be able to watch movies on tightly curated channels from 1st July.

“M-Net Movies has reduced the number of older library movies in the schedule, to keep the movie offering new and fresh,” the company said.

M-Net is also introducing a new family humour channel called M-Net Movies Smile.

Here’s what will be happening to each channel:

  • M-Net Movies Premiere: Moves from channel 103 to channel 104 on DStv Premium
  • M-Net Movies Smile: Will be on channel 105 on DStv Premium and will feature animated and family-friendly films during the day and early evenings and comedies targeted at an older audience later at night. M-Net Movies Comedy and Movies Family fall away.
  • M-Net Movies Action: Remains on channel 106 on DStv Premium.
  • M-Net Movies Showcase: Moves from channel 108 to channel 107 on DStv Premium. This will feature festivals, box sets and franchise specials, blockbuster film as well as romantic movies. M-Net Movies Romance falls away.
  • M-Net Movies Action: Remains on channel 110 on DStv Compact and DStv Premium but will now be available in HD.
  • M-Net Movies Stars: Remains on channel 111 on DStv Compact and DStv Premium.
  • M-Net Movies Zone: Remains on channel 139 on DStv Family, Access, Compact, Premium and GOtv.

M-Net City, on channel 115, will also be available in HD.

More pop-up channels will also be available as a follow up to the success of the recent M-Net Movies Blackout and last year’s M-Net Movies Star Wars.

VUZU AMP moves from channel 103 to channel 114.

[Source – M-Net]