JC Sheitan Tenet is a uniquely talented tattoo artist, in that not only does he create beautiful tattoos, he happens to use his prosthetic arm to do so.

At the moment we don’t have a lot of details behind the story of how this came to be, but a YouTube video showing him in action states that the machine is built on top of an existing prosthetic arms which Tenet modified.

A gif created from the video, uploaded a few days ago, has been doing the rounds on the internet and Reddit user “mike_pants” managed to find more details for us.

They managed to find a close-up image of the arm itself as well as the finished tattoo Tenet is working on in the video.

We’re trying to find out even more information about this great story at the moment. We’d love to take a look at what makes the gun work as a prothesis when compared to a regular gun.

Check back to htxt.africa for more details soon.

[Source – Reddit]