Uber has announced that groups of up to ten users of their app can now share a single card for payment.

The initiative is called “Family Profiles”, but it isn’t limited to blood relatives; it can include “loved ones, friends or colleagues” or anyone else really.

This new addition comes in response to requests from Uber’s users, who have apparently been asking for more ways to pay for others.

The one restriction, aside from the ten person limit, is that the “Family Profile Organiser” (the person who will be paying for the trips) can only do so if they have a valid card attached to their account. Those with cash as their only payment method will not have be able to use this method.

Here’s the guide on how to use it, as provided by Uber:

For the Family Profile organiser:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app.
  • Go to Menu and choose Settings.
  • Scroll down to “Add a Family Profile” and select the contacts you would like to add.
  • As soon as the Family Profile rider accepts the invitation, they can begin requesting rides from their own phone using the Family Profile as their payment method.
  • The cost of the trip will automatically be billed to the Family Profile and the organiser will receive a receipt for every ride.

Uber Family Profile Demo

For the Family Profile rider:

  • Open the email invitation to Family Profiles and accept.
  • The first time you ride, make sure you’re using the latest version of the app and choose the Family Profile as your default payment method.
  • Once selected, request a ride as you normally would and get moving!

If you try out this new feature, let us know how it goes.


[Source – Uber Newsroom] , Image – Family Stickers]