If you want to take your racing game emulation or arcade driving to the next level, an expensive USB steering wheel is usually the way to go.

But what if we told you you could make one out of objects you probably have in your house right now?

Before you get your hopes up and before you accuse us of leading you on, we think you should see the solution in action first.

If you’re confused about what you just watched, take heart. The game being played has been set up to read the mouse movement, of a rotating surface beneath the sensor, as the turning of the steering wheel.

Inelegant? Perhaps. Functional? Absolutely.

Looking at the this set up, we wouldn’t be surprised if all of the above is already at your disposal. Even if you don’t have a key part you could make a replacement. Look at this fancy guy with a clamp and a rotating stool, we’re sure some duct tape and a lazy Susan would work too.

The video itself is hilariously put together though. From the title, “sx3H sMhi0ti5hhM”  (hey, maybe it was typed using a wheel), to the video being placed in the music category, it’s all very bizarre. But, oddly, it all seems in-line with the video’s content.

While we’re on this subject, we’d be remiss not to mention the legendary video below in which GamerMuscleVideos plays Counter Strike using a wheel.