You might have a fancy smart TV that lets you download apps for our local TV-on-demand service, ShowMax, but a large number of people might still be using an older Full HD TV that isn’t quite as smart or fancy.

Until now those people have had to use a notebook, or some other technological work-around to enjoy streaming ShowMax’s library, but starting today that all changes as DStv has announced that its Explora decoder will support ShowMax streaming directly through the set-top-box.

Speaking about the new platform available to ShowMax subscribers, Chief Product Officer of ShowMax, Barron Ernst said, “In South Africa, interest in internet TV is entering a new phase. In addition to early adopters, we’re now seeing a more mainstream customer base wanting to try the service out.

“For Explora owners this is a risk-free proposition – binge entire box sets from the very beginning without having to buy any new equipment,” Ernst said.

The feature will start being rolled out to Explora decoders this evening as part of an Explora software update, and should be available on all Explora decoders in the next few days.

To access ShowMax via the decoder, users will first need to have their Explora decoders connected to the internet via a LAN cable or via WiFi using the DStv WiFi Connector tool.

Once connected, users can find the new feature by pressing the blue DStv button, then scroll to Watch Now and select ShowMax. Existing users can key in their login credentials and start streaming right away, but new users will need to sign up on a laptop, smartphone, or anything that supports a web browser.

This is a pretty bold move from both ShowMax and DStv, but one that shows how streaming services and traditional TV can co-exist. For now, at least.

[Source – ShowMax]


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