The darling of Ubisoft Massive, Tom Clancy’s The Division has hit wall with less and less players logging in to clean the streets of Manhattan on their PCs.

According to SteamDB, the game had a peak concurrent player count of 114 228 on Steam three months ago, but in the last 24 hours, only 9 486 players have loaded the game up. Even more worrying for Massive surely is that yesterday was highest number of players for the last month.

The problem appears to be more about how few of the folks that own the game are playing it. Looking at the numbers on SteamDB once again and referencing SteamSpy, The Division is owned by about 778 065 (give or take 21 707) which means that as few as 1.2% of the player base is still actively loading the game up.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. While the day-to-day playing of The Division is a rather lonely affair, the numbers reveal that in the last two weeks as many as 170 341 players have entered Manhattan. That still only represents 21.8% of the total player base but it’s not as bad as only 1.2% daily figure.

The RPG/MMO/car-door closing simulator has had a rough time since release with cheaters plaguing the game’s PVP area, The Dark Zone, technical problems causing a few hiccups at launch and the community widely criticising Massive for failing to patch glitches fast enough.

We should also point out that these figures don’t include data about consoles players those playing the game through Ubi’s own platform, Uplay. It’s also worth factoring in that titles such as Overwatch, DOOM, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine and a smorgasbord of other awesome games having been released recently. It’s more than possible any number of them could’ve robbed The Division of players.

With that said there are three more expansions in the works which could see players revisit Manhattan, namely, Underground, Survival and Last Stand which form part of the Season Pass.

Unless you have that however, we think you might be hard pressed to fork out the R599 on PC, especially with the Summer Sale now on, sale.

[Via – GitHyp]