[UPDATE as at 2:30pm: It looks like Anonymous Africa finally succeeded in hacking the sites, but the hacks aren’t lasting long according to the group]

In what’s turning out to be a game of “Whose turn is it to be hacked?”, Anonymous Africa tried to take a swipe at the Gupta family today by attempting to take down the ANN7 News and The New Age websites.

At around 11:30am on Wednesday, the group announced over Twitter that it “will target the 2nd most corrupt family in SA (after the Zumas)”.

Still up

Just after 12pm, however, both sites were still up and running smoothly, although Anonymous had successfully hacked the Gupta-owned Sahara Computers website.

This is the third hack Anonymous Africa has performed in a space of four days, starting with the SABC on Sunday, the EFF on Monday and ANN7 and The New Age today.