You can now retweet your own tweets. Wait, it’s not as stupid as it sounds

The ability to retweet others’ tweets on Twitter was always seen as a type of congratulatory function. A pat on the back, if you will.

Now you’re able to retweet your own tweets, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Not initially, at least.

Track down any of your older tweets, or make new ones, and you’ll see that the retweet button is now green and clickable. Clicking it will, in essence, make an old tweet appear at the top of your timeline again.

Initially, it looks like the only advantage to this function is to gift your older, unloved tweets another five minutes of fame. While this is one way to use it, we see it being great for reiterating older posts when you have more followers.


Our favourite use for it, however, is the ability to add a comment to one of your own tweets. Instead of simply recycling your older work, you can use this new function to cheat the 140 character limit, basically bumping  it up to 280 characters.

This is how we’d use it:


All that being said, this is still a strange move. Twitter’s main appeal is that it allows users to issue quick broadcasts that are short-lived. \

It’s the reason the platform is popular. That having been said, rumours abound about Twitter fundamentally changing its functionality.

It has already mixed things up with links not counting towards character limits, built-in gifs and more. Twitter, baby, we love you as you are, you don’t need to change (its shareholders may disagree with you – ed.).

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