If you can’t stomach seeing defenceless, beautiful tech being drowned and destroyed in the ocean, look away now.

While some phones survive the odd splash of water, accidentally dropping your phone in a toilet or pool is usually a death knell for your device. But what about the horrors of the open ocean?

To see if any manufacture’s flagships can handle it, Linus from LinusTechTips took a dive in the waters of Mexico.

The devices that went for a swim included an Apple iPhone 6s, Kyocera Duraforce,  LG G5,  Motorola Moto X Play, Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. The original plan was to take all six phones to a depth of 60 feet (18 metres) in the salt water. Here’s how it panned out:

As was stated in the video, they didn’t really expect any of the phones to make it through the ordeal. At the first depth of only ten feet (three metres) all the phones, save for the Galaxy S7 and Duraforce, met their demise.

At 20 feet (6 metres) the Duraforce was also out of the race, leaving the Galaxy S7 to keep up the good fight.

Finally, at 30 feet (9 metres, half of the intended depth for the experiment) the S7 was woken but then immediately died.

While the S7 did outperform its IP68 rating, the entire group of expensive flagships sunk. While this was to be expected, it’s still interesting to watch and we’re glad we didn’t have to drop all that money to test it ourselves.

If you really need to take your phone underwater, a simple airtight bag will do the trick. Speciality retailers stock them and we guarantee they’ll be cheaper than a new iPhone 6S.