The much rumoured PS4K wasn’t mentioned at all last week at E3. This was to be expected after Sony’s Andrew House, while confirming the machine did exist, said it wouldn’t feature in Sony’s keynote.

However, it’s absence from E3 has done nothing to lower the levels of excited anticipation in the gaming community, and a recently spotted patent may add more fuel to this fire.

Some eagle-eyed users on NeoGaf spotted that Sony has filed a patent for a new DualShock 4 control pad, which features a couple of extra buttons and a widened touch pad.

Looking at the diagram, the new buttons are situated on the grips of the control pad – much in the fashion as the underside buttons on┬áthe Xbox One Elite. Furthermore, the Share and Start buttons seem to have been relocated to just under the D-Pad and the Face Buttons. This allows for a wider touch pad to be put in place.

Now, (after tossing the patent into Google Translate) there’s apparently nothing set in stone that this is the control pad for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo (PS4K), but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Sony has decided to release a new controller for its new 4K-native console.

The other possibility is that this controller could be Sony’s answer to the Xbox One Elite controller – seeing as it boasts some similarities in design.

It’s early days yet – heck, this thing may not even be released – but the patent does offer some rather mouth-watering design changes to one of the best console control pads ever created. Now, if Sony can sort out the DualShock 4’s lousy battery life, we’ll be laughing.