Bryan Cranston, best known as Walter White/The Danger from Breaking Bad confirmed on his Twitter account that he will be playing Zordon in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

For those of you not from the 90’s (sorry to get all BuzzFeed there), Zordon was the floating blue head that gave the Power Rangers their power and acted as their mentor.

The character appeared in the first season, all the way up to the sixth.

While we do love our Bryan Cranston, the original actor behind the character, David Fielding, is still active and regularly posts on Instagram. While we initially imagined he would feel slighted towards the announcement, that doesn’t seem to be the case:

Congrats @BryanCranston if you ever want to trade notes about intergalactic timewarps and energy tubes, let’s chat!

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This isn’t the first time Cranston has appeared in Power Rangers. Believe it or not, he voiced a couple of monsters in the series. He’s credited for the roles on IMDB, and you can hear his work in the clip below:

As a massive childhood fan of the franchise, this news is music to my ears. While the movie is only slated for a March 2017 release, and all we’ve really seen of it is the rather unconvincing costumes, I’m keeping my hopes alive.

If you need a hit of nostalgia right now, many seasons of Power Rangers are streaming on local service ShowMax.

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