YouTube content creator Rudeism has a rather bizarre claim to fame: he levelled a World of Warcrft (WoW) character to 100 using dance pads as the only input method. That done, he’s now playing Dark Souls 3 in the same way.

If the above sentence hasn’t made you instantly question this man’s sanity, let us explain. The Dark Souls franchise is known for its incredibly difficulty, even when playing with a controller. And we specifically mean controller, as even the trusty mouse and keyboard combo doesn’t work too well here. But, instead, he’s throwing that away and going with dance pads – something you’d normally save for party games at 3AM after an evening at the pub.

Rudeism usually streams his efforts on Twitch, but here’s a highlight reel if you don’t believe what is going on here:

In a recent post on Reddit Rudeism came forward to explain a bit about his work. The other rule for the challenge, aside for the controls, include no summons. This means that he can’t call upon other players over the web or in-game characters to aid him in battle. It’s all on his shoulders. Er, legs.

He also provided a diagram of how the game’s controls are mapped to the dance pad:


He’s still playing through the game, so we’ll update you if he manages to beat it.

Looking past the fact that this is an incredibly silly idea and that it takes immense skill to pull off, our favourite part is the name of the challenge: Dance Soles 3. You just don’t see that kind of supreme pun all the time; it’s beautiful.

Kudos, Mr Rudeism. And praise the sun!