Instagram has announced a new translation button that will appear below comments, captions and bios, displaying the text of each in a language of your choice.

If your app is up to date, or you have auto updates turned on, you probably already have this functionality available to you.

We fired up Instagram and looked around to see if we could access it already, and we can.

After updating, all you need to do to see it in action is to track down the “SEE TRANSLATION” button under any foreign text, and click it. It will then translate to the language you have chosen for Instagram.

Click “SEE ORIGINAL” if you want to go back, and that’s about it.

Below you’ll see the profile and bio of Russian cosplayer Chritina Fink (@fink_fink_fink). You’ll notice parts of the bio are in her mother tongue, but are translated ¬†affter using the new feature.


The same applied to her most recent post with a Russian caption:


The translation seems to happen extremely fast, but we believe this to be dependant on your internet connection speed. On an LTE connection, it was almost instantaneous.

The only problem we encountered is with comments. No comments we found had the option to be translated, regardless of the language. Using the above image as an example, all the Russian comments had to stay that way due to the lack of the button.

The Instagram Help Centre offers up some explanations for this, but it could just be the fact that the feature is rolling out in stages.

Regardless, this is a very welcome change due to the fact that the mobile app does not allow copying of text, which means you could never paste it into a traditional translator tool.

For local languages, instant translations are coming, but only for Afrikaans.