If you have a good appreciation of wordplay, what should you call a service your company created which essentially gives customers a window into every aspect of the cloud services they make use of?

Why “SkyLight”, of course.

And that’s exactly what local networking giant Internet Solutions has done with the latest service it’s just launched. SkyLight is a “cloud aggregator”, meaning it plugs into many of the biggest cloud services a business can use (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dimension Data Cloud and the like), and provides total control over every aspect of each from a single dashboard.

Detailed oversight

SkyLight lets authorised users see everything from the number of active virtual machines to who did what and when to a running total of how much those services are costing. SkyLight users have the opportunity to mix and match the capabilities of each service according to their requirements, and even test them out against one another to see which delivers the best bang for their buck, all with a few mouse clicks.

Of all the features IS showed off at SkyLight’s launch yesterday, the billing portion struck me as particularly handy. Given that cloud purchasing models are based on exact usage of CPU time, memory and drive space, knowing what cloud is costing at any given moment can be tough. IS’ dash not only reports this live but gives you the options to make adjustments if it’s too much.

Those are all incredibly important things to have easy access to, as they provide vital insight into IT processes for people like CIOs and CTOs, who’re responsible for how IT impacts the business.

And as you may have read yesterday, arming those C-level executives with that sort of information is important, because a significant number of them are out of touch with the realities their IT departments deal with on a daily basis according to a recent study.

Some restrictions apply

Right now, SkyLight only supports the biggest cloud services, and will only be available to new customers signing up for cloud services for the first time. But IS’s Chief Solutions Officer Sean Nourse told me that future plans include being able to migrate businesses with existing cloud subscriptions across to SkyLight, and rolling out support for more cloud providers in SkyLight’s “second phase”.

Internet Solutions is so excited about SkyLight that they chose the slogan “The world’s biggest cloud” for it. This is rather tongue-in-cheek, as they’ve not actually created the world’s biggest datacentre with which to deliver cloud services in record-breaking volumes – they’re just giving their customers access to everyone else’s cloud from a single location.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, head over to IS’s SkyLight page by clicking here for more info.


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