Cyberdyne, a Japanese robotics firm, has claimed rights to the first-ever cyborg walker.

The robotic suit is known as HAL (I’m not worried at all – ed.), which is an acronym for Hybrid Assistive Limb,  and is operated using a human-like thought.

Before you think we’re having a laugh because it’s Friday, let’s explain. When you think “I want to walk”and your brain sends impulses through your nerves to your muscles, these signals are known as bio-electric signals which your muscles respond to.

HAL picks up these signals via detectors on the user’s skin and feeds them through to the Cybernic Voluntary Control system. From there an Intel Atom CPU interprets the signals and sends them back to the system.

The end result of this communication system is the user being able to walk simply by thinking. Should there be no bio-electric signals to detect, HAL replicates human motion.

This incredible piece of tech weighs only 12kgs and can support legless users up to a weight of 80kgs. As it’s designed for walking, the system requires a battery to operate and one charge can last through 90 minutes of use.

Aside from helping people walk, Cyberdyne has also created a HAL suit that will assist factory workers with heavy lifting.

We never thought we would say this, but well done Cyberdyne – HAL is pretty incredible (I CAN do that, Dave -ed.). We just hope you don’t create something called Skynet. (Skynet already exists – ed.)

[Source – HotHardware]