If you’ve ever had the burning desire to see 42 thousand cars on a single track inside of the game Trackmania, well, today’s your day: someone has made a video showing exactly that.

Okay, let’s back up a second. Trackmania is a game in which you get to fling cars around on a variety of tracks. The community behind it partakes in something called “K-Projects” in which they see how many thousands (or “k”) cars they can put on one track.

Search the term on YouTube and you’ll see videos ranging from 500 all the way up to this, a video of what the creators claim to be a world record of 42 ooo cars.

So that looked a lot like a sea of liquid metal, but it’s actually more impressive than that.

The video description says that this effect is created by individuals and not just a modder entering a value. Instead, each car is driven around the track and has its course saved as a replay. Gather enough of these replays together and play them on top of each other, and you get this effect.

Group effort

This video claims that 74 people helped create the replays in the span of about a month. The “scoreboard” you see at the end of the video is the number of replays each person created.

We don’t even want to know what trying to render this scene would do to a PC. It took five people to create this video, and we imagine their computers suffered greatly.

If you want to play Trackmania, the entire franchise is discounted on Steam as part of the Summer Sale.

[Source – Shortz Productions]