Regardless of what you thought of Fallout 4, there’s no denying that few properties do the nuclear apocalypse as stylishly as it does. But, no matter how powerful your PC is, you’ll never see those assets in real life. Well, not unless you make them.

And made them someone has. The Clayman 8 Workshops, a Swiss company creating props and art, has made a fair few items from the Fallout universe.

We came across the company today thanks to their realistic-looking .38 Pipe Rifle. On Imgur they explain that it is completely hand made and painted. The proportions and look are entirely eyeballed from the Fallout 4 artbook.

No matter how much we want to jam that surely tetanus-inducing stock into our shoulder, apparently it’s “2 – 3 cm too long to be held comfortably”. Oh well, maybe next time.


As impressive as that is, there’s more. The company has also created props for a pistol, armour, Pipboy, Vault 101 suit and an Eyebot, all from the games. Check out the links below to see the galleries of each:

The gallery above is just a small cross-section of the props made by the company. Head on over to their Facebook page to see the rest of their work. It’s worth the click, we guarantee it.

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