E3 may be over, but there’s still a lot to be said about the year’s biggest videogame expo.

Local online retailer Raru recently ran a poll asking what South Africans thought of the show and what their favourite games were. A lot of people added their voice as 1 760 people partook in the poll. While we like to believe it’s because they wanted to be heard, we have to imagine that the sweet prizes were the main draw.

Regardless, here’s what won in each category. See the full poll results here to see the percentage results of each category.

  • Game of the show – Battlefield 1
  • Best action/adventure game – God of War
  • Best sports game – FIFA 17
  • Best RPG – Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Best shooter – Battlefield 1
  • Best show – Sony
  • Best PS4 game – God of War
  • Best X1 game – Gears of War 4
  • Best PC game – Battlefield 1
  • Best fighting game – Injustice 2
  • Best platformer – Crash Bandicoot Remastered
  • Best racing game – Forza: Horizon 3
  • Best VR game – Batman Arkham VR
  • Biggest surprise – Norman Reedus’ naked butt in Death Stranding
  • Best hardware – PlayStation VR

While not a question related to VR, the final question in the poll was just as interesting. The two prizes were bundles consisting of either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One games, and users answering the poll had to choose one or the other. A whopping 67.88% chose PS4 while only 32.12% chose X1. An interesting look into who is “winning” the console race in South Africa.

There were a lot of really close calls and surprises in the poll, so make sure you check out the full results.

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[Source – Raru , Image – Build Our Titans ZA]