Penicillin, chocolate-chip cookies, popsicles – they’re all items that were discovered by accident.

Joining their ranks is this Borderlands-themed keyboard with cel-shaded keycaps, created someone who tried to clean their keyboard and almost ruined it.

The owner of the keyboard, a user on /r/MechanicalKeyboards, was trying to clean their keycaps using 99% alcohol. While this is usually a fine idea (it’s a great cleaning solvent that can safely be used on electronics), the user made a mistake by not immediately cleaning the alcohol off. By leaving it to dry it ate away at the keycaps and ruined the black colour.

Unperturbed, they used a marker to outline the caps, creating a cel shaded effect reminiscent of Borderlands.


Now, if you’re thinking of doing this yourself, we’d advice against it. Mechanical keyboards and their keycaps are expensive, and you may ruin in them in the pursuit of making them look like they came from Pandora.

If you want to look into customising keyboards, check out /r/MechanicalKeyboard. We visit it often and can vouch for the open community.

Finally, if you want to pick up Borderlands, the series is on sale as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, our favourite of the bunch, is going for only R163,60.

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