For the last year Microsoft has offered users the chance to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10 for free.

For one user though, this free update left her PC worse off than before the upgrade, so she took Microsoft to court.

Teri Goldstein, a travel agent from Sausalito, California, took the software giant to court after a failed upgrade to Windows 10 resulted in her PC crashing regularly and performance as a whole suffering.

After failing to solve the problem with the help of Microsoft customer support, Goldstein took the firm to court seeking $10 000 for damages to her PC and loss of income.

Microsoft appealed the initial judgment but in May decided to drop the appeal and Goldstein was awarded a $10 000 judgment.

Despite losing the judgment, Microsoft denies any wrong-doing and has dropped the appeal to prevent a drawn out court battle according to ExtremeTech.

This is just one of many examples of Microsoft forcing users to upgrade to its latest OS. Other prime examples of the operating system’s intrusive nature include: The Chinko Project in the Central African Republic being forced to upgrade over a radio link and a hacker being kicked out of a PC that was updating to Windows 10.

One month left

Users that choose to upgrade to Windows 10, have just one month left to take Microsoft up on its offer to download the OS for free.

After 29th July you will have to pay to upgrade and it doesn’t come cheap.

At the moment, Windows 10 Home will cost you R1 399 and the Pro version will cost R2 299 through the Microsoft store. Often, the price of simply upgrading is cheaper but how much cheaper is unclear at this stage.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 or will you be sticking to Windows 7/8/8.1 for the time being? As always, pop your comments below.

[Source – ExtremeTech][Image – Microsoft]