Fans of The Elder Scrolls (TES) series have been waiting nearly five years for the follow up to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Turns out, according to developer Bethesda Softworks, their patience may be stretched even further.

Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines says Bethesda “aren’t working on TES6 at the moment”.

Mind you, this is based off of one tweet and shouldn’t be taken as “we aren’t working on TES6 at all.”

Director of Bethesda, Todd Howard, said during E3 that there will be a 6th Elder Scrolls game, it just isn’t in development right now.

The VP  went on to explain to Twitter users that the reason we won’t see a new Elder Scrolls game just yet is because Bethesda is currently working on two major titles. When asked what those two titles are, Hines responded with a simple, “I’m not going to say.”

When pushed for an estimate as to when fans can expect TES 6, Hines responded with “years and years” before suggesting users, “play some more Half-Life 3 while you wait”.

Thankfully, Bethesda is giving TES fans some satisfaction with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition later this year. Fans that already have the full game and all of the DLC including: Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, will get the Special Edition for free when it is released on October 28th.

If you don’t have all DLC and you’re on PC, you can get all three for R369.75 during the Steam Summer Sale.

If Skyrim doesn’t tickle your fancy check out what Bethesda announced at E3 earlier this month, perhaps something else from the firm will interest you.

[Via – Digital Spy]