It’s time for a new Humble Bundle and this one comes chock full with games for PC and Android.

The imaginatively named Humble PC & Android Bundle is the 14th one of its kind and is currently filled with 8 games we’ll list below.

A warning about Android games from Humble Bundle: they require that you download the app. You’ll also need to enable downloading of apps from untrusted sources for it to work.

What’s in the Humble PC & Android Bundle 14

  • Tier 1 – pay $1 (R14.98) or more:
    • 100000000
    • Badland (GOTY edition on PC, Premium edition on Android)
  • Tier 2 – pay $3 (R44.95) or more:
    • Please Don’t Touch Anything
    • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
    • You Must Build A Boat
  • Tier 3 – pay $8.57 (R128.42) or more:
    • Desktop Dungeons
    • Knights of Pen & Paper 2

There’s also more to the bundle than the games. You’ll receive five soundtracks from the listed games as well as 10% off of Humble Monthly.

The charities supported are: the Electronic Frontier FoundationAmerican Red Cross and a cause of your choice from a list of thousands.

Finally,  signing up to the newsletter near the middle of the page nets you SPACECOM completely free. Well, kind of; there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or free games, so remember that you’re paying with your personal information. It’s a fair trade, if you ask us.