South Africans live with a high rate of crime every day. While a lot of it can’t be stopped, a method of prevention would help immensely.

This is where MiBlackBox comes is. The app, developed by MiBlackBox, a Rich Rewards Group company, is a virtual panic button for all kinds of situations and aims to make evidence-gathering and alerting as easy as opening your phone. We had some hands-on time with the app before its official release, and it can come in very handy.

Once you have registered your details and set up an emergency contact, the app will be ready for use. From here, the app will open with a number of options, which include the recording of video, taking of pictures and of course, hitting the all-important panic button.



But what makes MiBlackBox unique, is that everything that is recorded or captured through the app is also uploaded to a secure server.

Once you hit the panic button, the app dials the number to the MiBlackBox servers and automatically starts recording. Once you hang up, the person listed as your emergency contact will receive a message from MiBlackBox, alerting them to the triggered panic.

The person receiving the message will see the time it was sent, listen to the messages that were recorded and see the location the call was made from.


This is incredibly useful in a number of scenarios, such as a home invasion where the person needs to be as quiet as possible, a physical assault where there isn’t time to talk on the phone, or when someone is just feeling generally uneasy about their surroundings.

Imagine the scenario where you are at a traffic stop and the traffic official is incredibly rude to you. You whip out your phone to record the events, but he demands that the footage be deleted. With MiBlackBox, you can be assured that it will be stored safely.

Think of MiBlackBox as a second pair of eyes and ears, for any situation where you might need a witness. Car accident? The app allows you to take pictures and video at the scene, and once again, it is stored securely away from the phone.

So it can send out a panic alert, record video and take pictures, but what else can the app do? Well, hitting the SOS button on the main screen will open up a menu to access police, fire services or the nearest hospital.


It doesn’t allow you to directly phone those services however, but it does bring up a map with the closest ones to you. The exception is found under the Insurance or own armed response company tab, where you can set the contact details for your insurer so that hitting that button puts you in direct contact with them.

MiBlackBox is an excellent application, not only for adults having to deal with South Africa’s many risks, but also for children. Load the app onto your kids’ phones, and they will be able to alert you to anything they feel uncomfortable with.

The app might not prevent crime, but it is a very good start to documenting your case in the event that something goes wrong.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Johnny P Kelly]
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