If you’re one of the many, many people who played and loved System Shock, back in the day, you may be interested to know that a developer is looking at remastering it.

Developer Night Dive Studios (not the original developer, which was Looking Glass Technologies) has taken to Kickstarter to crowd fund the endeavour.

The campaign launched late last night with a $900 000 (R13 million) funding goal. At the time of this writing, around eight hours later, it has amassed $323 488 (R4.8 million) from 4 329 backers.

The reward tiers are where things get interesting, or weird, depending on your outlook. The cheapest you could have bought the game for was an early bird special of $25 (R376). This would net you a digital download on Xbox One, Steam or OG. These are all sold out now, so the lowest entry tier is now $30 (R451).

There’s then some swish physical copies and collectors editions which you can see below. The real head-scratcher is the $350 (R5 200) price for the “HUMAN CORPSE” tier which is exactly what it sounds like:

You will forever be remembered on Citadel Station. Find your Corpse among the dead in the final release of the game.

If being immortalised as a cadaver in a videogame is a lifelong dream of yours, bear in mind that this tier is limited to 35 backers, so you’ll need to get in there fast.

Take a look at the rest of the tiers below. Of special note is the fact that all the physical products ship worldwide and you can have it sent to South Africa for an extra $20 (R301).

The game and a lot of the backer rewards have an estimated delivery date of December 2017.

If that’s too far away for you, there’s a free demo you can play right now.