Forty fan-made versions of Gwent existed before the official game

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If you’ve played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you’ll know about its in-game card game Gwent. You may also remember that developers CD Projekt RED announced at E3 that it would be making a standalone game based on it.

But did you know that Gwent has already existed as a standalone game before now? The Witcher’s fanbase has produced myriad version of the game – both computer-based games and real world versions.

CD Projeckt Red’s co-founder Marcin Iwiński has says that it’s due to this degree of passion – and a massive demand from the game’s community – that Gwent is being made.

In an update on the developer”s official site, Iwiński speaks about the overwhelming input from players regarding the game:

Because the flood of emails, calls, forum posts, and everything else was simply crazy. There was a moment that literally everything was beeping, buzzing, vibrating and otherwise communicating one idea: GWENT or nothing. I mean, over 40 fan-made versions of GWENT were created, people printed their own cards, made real wooden playing boards — positive madness.

One example is a mod for Tabletop Simulator which is available for free on Nexus Mods. If the dates on Nexus are to be believed, this mod was published on May 26th 2015, only seven days after the release of The Witcher 3.

Gwent inside of Tabletop Simulator.

Event better was Gwent Online, a standalone multiplayer version  made by two programmers. While it was great while it lasted, it was forcibly taken down and CD Projekt RED even went after the repository of assets. In its aftermath, remains dead, but the projects lives on inside of Github.


In the physical world, the imaginary card game exists too. Just one version is the beautiful, self-contained kit:


Iwiński also mentions the beta and suggests that you sign up. The beta will be available in September for PC and Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 to ” join the battlefield a bit later”.

If you need even more Witcher, our review of the final expansion Blood And Wine went up just yesterday. Spoiler: just like the base game, it’s fantastic.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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