A timeline of Hlaudi’s recent road to SABC “censorship”

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Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been a busy man over the last six months, making significant decisions that have changed the face of the SABC.

Some of those decisions, however, have not gone down well with many South Africans, who’ve gone so far as to call the man a dictator.

It began as early as February this year, when call-ins from listeners on a popular radio show were banned.

Later on, Motsoeneng would go on to steer other, similar, decisions, as well as introduce a policy that would see locally-produced content getting a major share of air time on radio and TV.

Around the same time,Motsoeneng, announced that the SABC would no longer show footage of people burning public institutions like schools. He said the measure has been taken to discourage such activities.

That last initiative led to a huge backlash aimed in his direction, and even a hack by Anonymous Africa on a few of the public broadcaster’s websites.

“Motsoeneng is bad news for the SABC and bad news for South Africa,” DA spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme said. “He has been the driver of the ‘Zumafication’ of the public broadcaster and has been protected and promoted by the ANC despite several findings against him in court and by the Public Protector.”

Take a look at the timeline below to see the most controversial decisions taken under his leadership that have been interpreted by some as tantamount to censorship.

[Image –  CC Wikimedia Commons]




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