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Mosh Pit Simulator looks like the year’s most terrifying game

Polish games developer, Sos Sosowski is in the final stages of completing his latest VR game, Mosh Pit Simulator.

Attempting to explain what this game is would be like trying to explain what the colour yellow smells like. So rather than explain we invite you to “enjoy” the game’s trailer.

What you just witnessed is one man’s quest to make the worst game possible, but that wasn’t how this game started out.

The simulator started life as a way to fight people online in VR Sosowski told Vice. “I cranked up the punching force too high and applied a really simple wobbly walking mechanic to the enemies, which resulted in the first gif [of the game] that exploded all over the internet,” says Sosowski.

So by breaking a game he was working on, Sosowski created a whole new game, and players shouldn’t expect it to be perfect.

Mosh Pit Simulator will have a lot of bugs and glitches in it, to let the player toy around with, instead of constraining them to a set of things that only I chose to be allowed. I intended to let the players explore, and break the game as they please,” said the developer.

You might wonder who this game would appeal to, but folks in the comment section below the trailer seem positively excited at the prospect of playing it.

At this time there is no word on a release date, but we’ll keep an eye trained on the official website for any further developments.

[Via – Vice] [Image – Mosh Pit Simulator]

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