The Steam Summer Sale has started, will end on July 4th

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Steam’s Summer Sale, Valve Software’s annual attempt to bankrupt you and add to your already-long PC gaming backlog, just kicked off a few minutes ago.

Head on over Steam’s front page and you’ll be greeted by a banner explaining that the theme this time revolves around a picnic.

To start off, the highlighted deals for the first day include great games such as Darkest DungeonDragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and the Arma franchise.

There are also two other highlighted sections of games: featured free to play and featured virtual reality games.

Don’t worry about missing any deals, however, because the way sales work changed last year. In short: the discounted price you see now is the price at which it will remain until the sale ends.

And that end date is July 4th at 10 AM PDT. Use this time zone converter to make sure you know when that is in your country. For us South Africans, that’s our 7pm.

For now, go check out what’s on sale and try to save some money for food and rent. In the coming days we’ll have a roundup of the best deals as well as a guide to play whatever meta games are on offer.

Meta games have become Valve’s modus operandi during sales, and they usually present gamers with challenges to complete for XP and trading cards.

What you can do in the meantime is go through your Discovery Queue, as that will grant you three trading cards each day which you can hold onto or sell for Steam credit to buy more games.

If you need help now, however, check out our game reviews to see what’s worth the money.

Click here to go shopping, and happy bargain-hunting!


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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