Back in April LEGO revealed a spectacular set in the form of 42056: Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

This 2 704 piece set builds you a 1:8 scale model of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in rather bright orange.

It features moving engine parts, full suspension connected to a steering wheel, and, wait for it, a fully functional double-clutch transmission. This little feat of engineering even works in the model as it’s connected to the paddle shifters on the steering column.

That all sounds amazing, right? Well, it most certainly is. The only problem is the price.

As both LEGO and Porsche are distinctly premium brands, you’d be paying either £250, $300 or €300 to buy it overseas.

As scary as those numbers are, LEGO graciously provides regional pricing, so we usually receive sets below straight conversion prices. We got in contact with LEGO South Africa to see how much it would cost and when we’d be paying otherwise.

For the honour of owning one of these limited edition sets, you’ll be paying R4 500 at retail when it releases in the second week of August 2016.

Now, let’s deconstruct that price because it’s, again, a very large, very scary number.

Looking at the US dollar price (because it seems to be the most stable at the moment), $300 directly converts to R4 354.  Sure, that is slightly less than what we’d actually be paying, but the R4 500 local RRP includes shipping and all our local import duties.

Looking at the price per piece (PPP), the golden rule for LEGO collectors locally has been R1 PPP, with it shooting way, way past that for branded sets such as Star Wars and Marvel/DC.

This Porsche certainly falls into that category as you’ll be paying R1.66 per piece. That’s not too bad, as we’ve seen some of those branded sets costing R2.50 PPP or more. The fact that this set has so many pieces just makes the price per piece seem worse.

But this is still incredibly expensive and will be out of reach for most of the country. Even those with a huge disposable income would be wary.

Looking at a similarly priced set like 76052: Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (which we’ve seen on shelves for R4 000), this is probably the set to go for if you feel like dropping a lot of money.