Fallout 4 is quickly replacing Skyrim as the modder’s playground for insanity. On today’s docket: Rick and Morty scenes remade inside of the game.

If you’re a fan of the popular show (as we are), season 3 is only coming out at the end of this year. And, since the game is terrible, we’re starved for or new Rick and Morty content.

Luckily, UpIsNotJump has us covered by recreating scenes from the show. It’s not new official content, but it’s well-made and we’re desperate.

Before you watch, please not that a lot of the video may not be safe for work. If your boss frowns upon animated butts and blurted out swear words, you could be in trouble.

There’s a hell of a lot of work that went into this video (and its previous episode). The amount of mods, custom animations and simple asset placement is commendable. Rick and Morty would be proud.

Our favourite is Krombopulos Michael, who looks less like a bug-based alien and more like a man wearing goggles with a severe case of strange jaundice.

Finally, we’re going to suggest that you follow the Rick and Morty Twitter account, where you can see quality tweets like this:

(Seriously though it’s a funny account, give it a follow).

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