Many of us are content with wearing a fitness tracker on our wrist, but one company is taking that one step further by creating the BioRing, a fitness tracker you can wear on your finger.

The BioRing has already been crowdfunded on Indiegogo. The creators, BioRing Team, have said that while they have had a working prototype for a while, the crowdfunding drive is to “iron out the final kinks” and speed up production.

The tiny ring contains a three-axis accelerometer, a bio-impedance sensor and an optical heart rate sensor. With this combination of sensors, BioRing Team alleges that it can measure calorie, water and protein intake.

According to the ring’s creators, the bio-impedance sensor measures changes to glucose and water levels in cells. This is done by sending electric signals with high and low frequencies through the cells and measuring resistance. BioRing co-founder, James Lee, explains how this works in greater detail in the video below.

It does what you expect it to as well

The tiny fitness tracker also measures how many steps a user has taken, how long they’ve slept for and the intensity of a workout.

All of this information is pushed to your smartphone via Bluetooth and viewed via the ring’s companion app for Android and iOS.

The ring’s tiny form factor allows for a miniscule 35mAh battery. As small as that sounds, the firm alleges that the battery will last up to seven days.

If everything goes according to plan, BioRings are expected to ship to backers in November this year.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get in on, you can still become an IndieGoGo backer as the project’s goals are flexible. All you need to pledge is $199 (that’s R2 897,77 at today’s exchange rate), and a BioRing could be yours when they start shipping.

[Source – Indiegogo]


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