The ANC Youth League has defended the SABC against what it calls “attacks” and “acts of cowardice”.

The ANCYL, well known for its colourfully-worded stances on current affairs in South Africa, issued a statement saying “Hands off SABC” and calling for “quitters to quit” and to “go home to relax”.

“These attacks have seen some in our country suggesting that there is something wrong at SABC or its leadership thus a need for a probe. In the view of the ANCYL these attacks are nothing but acts of cowardice,”, ANCYL spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize wrote.

Mkhize was referring to recent criticism and last week’s #BlackFriday protests held in Johannesburg and Cape Town at the SABC offices.

The ANCYL applauded the SABC’s senior management for the “good, progressive decision” it took in promoting local content.

“These recent improvement [sic] of SABC have not only made people of the industry to be jubilant [sic] but have given hope that South Africans can be proud of what they produce to narrate the stories and the achievement of our country [sic],” Mkhize added.

The league also hit back at SABC employees who’ve been embroiled in disciplinary hearings over their suspensions, as well as those who’ve quit after opposing the public broadcaster’s refusal to ai violent protest footage and other incidents of censorship.

“We want to call the quitters to stop complaining about decisions they were part of but could not win the debate inside structures of SABC but now decide to use other platforms to vent their inability to provide leadership,” Mkhize wrote.

“Those that have resign [sic] must go relax at home. Keeping inline with what they do best quitting they must quit speaking about the SABC they have been tried and have failed unfortunately they are not tried and tested [sic],” the ANCYL said.

The attack on the so-called quitters didn’t end there. The league has called on the SABC to facilitate a quick process in dealing with workers that are affected by issues of discipline.

“We want to request that SABC should not feel pressure in dealing with whoever is involved even if the person is an associate of the brother of person who use to be Head of State,” [sic] it said.

“HANDS OFF SABC HANDS OFF,” the league emphasised in its conclusion.

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