Homemade props and characters from Overwatch seems to be all the rage lately, even in the land of LEGO. The latest creation we’ve found D.Va’s sidearm, the Light Gun, recreated in a 1:1 scale in LEGO.

This compact sidearm still took a lot of bricks and time to make, despite its diminutive size.

Veteren builder Nick Jensen (Known online as Nick Brick) is known for creating life size LEGO versions of fictional weaponry. Just check out his shotgun from Titanfall we featured way back in 2014.  Despite the size, this gun gave Jensen some problems.

“Between all the details crammed into a small 30-stud-long space and the use of limited pink and magenta pieces, this build was deceptively difficult to create,” Jensen said, “More so than, say, a rifle in neutral colours. One would think the larger build is a greater challenge.”

The “30-studs” refers to the little bumps that help LEGO bricks connect to each other. It translates to 10 inches (25,4 centimetres) with the entire build weighing in at one pound (453 grams).

To complete the build, it took Jensen 14 days of slaving away. Check out the video below and we’re sure you’ll agree it was worth the time.

If you want more LEGO firearms, check out Jensen’s YouTube or Flickr pages, as they’re chock full of them.

Alternatively, if you want more plastic Overwatch, we recently wrote a roundup of characters from the popular game recreated in the brick. Tracer, Bastion, Zenyatta and more would make great sets. LEGO, get on that please.