Simone Giertz is the patron saint of entertaining amateur robotics, and her newest robot is turning the “deal with it” internet joke into a reality.

Here’s a crash course on Giertz: she’s a Swedish maker who has been titled “The Queen of Shitty Robots”. That’s not a knock against her, though, as she uses the term “shitty robots” in her YouTube bio, and regularly posts her creations to a website dedicated to funny, useless robots.

If you need a taste, we suggest this to start on: the internet arguing machine:

Giertz’s latest creation is aimed at helping people “deal with it“. This term is an old internet adage, usually accompanied by sunglasses flying in from off screen, attaching themselves to the speaker’s face just before the phrase ‘deal with it’ flashes on screen.

It’s used to end arguments, show off and basically tell the world that they need to deal with you, as you’re clearly a big deal.

But who has the time or the energy to carry around a pair of sunglasses, or hire a person to follow you everywhere you go to put them on for you at the opportune moment. Luckily, Giertz has made a robot to do it for us!

Well, have you dealt with it yet?