The Zimbabwean government and ZANU-PF websites are yet to recover from yesterday’s attacks by Anonymous Africa.

The hacktivist group went after the government yesterday in solidarity with citizens who were part of the #ShutDownZim protests.

“We have started operations against the Mugabe dictatorship in an attempt to support the people of Zimbabwe and their stay away protests…,” the group said on its blog.

“Let us combine together and help free the people of Zimbabwe. Too long the world has ignored their plight, too long the world has turned a blind eye to what Mugabe is doing. Stop being d*cks. Get involved. Help the people of Zimbabwe. Evil can only happen when good people do nothing,” it added.

The SABC, EFF and the Guptas certainly had it easier when their sites were hacked, as they were all back up after only a few hours of being taken down.

Anonymous Africa is yet to say when it will stop the attacks on the websites.

[Image – Wikimedia Commons]